Vintage Manual Wind V-MAC Watch

V-MAC Watch – What Is It?

I cannot find any information online for this V-MAC watch.  It has markings on the face that it is Swiss Made at the bottom with the 6 in between the words. Below the 12 is a five point crown icon followed by V-MAC followed by SHOCK-PROTECTED.  Below the center post is UNBREAKABLE-MAINSPRING followed by ANTIMAGNETIC. The numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 are in a unique font that is angular straight lines.  The other numbers are represented by an arrow head icon.  There are phosphorescent dots at each number and arrow head icon and phosphorescent on the hands.

On the back we have TIMED AND CASED BY PRECISION WATCHCRAFTSMEN DIAMOND TOOLED followed by STAINLESS STEEL BACK – BASE METAL BEZEL followed by RESISTANT TO SHOCK DUST AND MAGNETISM.  There is an icon of seven stars shaped as an arrow head pointing outward; and is opposite of the wind stem.

The band is a stretch spring band with 1/2 inch links. The watch overall appears to have been high quality for the time period which is also unknown to me.

If you have any information on this please leave a comment to this post. All help will be greatly appreciated.


V-MAC Watch

V-MAC Watch Face

V-MAC Watch Face







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